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Awilco Drilling - WilPhoenix RedSeal Packer Upgrade (Telescopic Joint 2)

March 2013

After successfully completing the manufacture, testing and third party (DNV) approval of the single RedSeal packer system for the WilPhoenix telescopic joint number 1, RedSeal are delighted to announce a further contract with Awilco Drilling PLC for the supply of a second single RedSeal packer system for the upgrade of the WilPhoenix telescopic joint number 2.

Upon completion of this order, the WilPhoenix will have installed a RedSeal packer system on each of the rig telescopic joints giving significant environmental, operational and maintenance improvements over the previous telescopic joint configurations.

The RedSeal packer system upgrade is due for delivery to Awilco beginning of September 2013.

RedSeal would again like to thank Awilco for their continued support of RedSeal and the RedSeal Packer System.

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