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RedSeal Packer : Byford Dolphin

February 2012

RedSeal are pleased to announce that the RedSeal Packer system has been successfully stripped and inspected after a prolonged period of use offshore on the Byford Dolphin. The unit was in service from end of September 2011 through to mid-January 2012 during which time the rig was disconnected occasionally due to extreme weather. Throughout the period, the RedSeal Packer system performed well and provided a constant indication of packer wear rates. The packer did not require a system top-up / refill during the operating period. Post-operational strip down has revealed the system to be in very good condition and highlighted very minor areas which are to be enhanced to improve performance further.

The RedSeal Packer System is currently being re-dressed after this inspection and is due back to the rig in around 12 weeks time.

As part of the current strip down and inspection, the telescopic joint is also being upgraded to include a hydraulic latch assembly to remove the manual intervention of locking and un-locking the telescopic joint inner barrel. This hydraulic latch upgrade is being supplied through Deep Blue Engineering Solutions Ltd. This upgrade alongside the RedSeal Packer System shall enhance the function of the Byford Dolphin telescopic joint greatly, reducing potential for failure and reducing potential down time.

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