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Dolphin Drilling Contracts Announcement

December 2012

RedSeal are delighted to announce contracts with Dolphin drilling for the supply of two dual RedSeal packer systems to be installed on the Byford Dolphin telescopic joints.

The first of the RedSeal dual packer systems shall replace the single RedSeal packer system and existing traditional dual packer housing currently in use on the primary telescopic joint.

The second / back-up telescopic joint is to be similarly upgraded to install a dual RedSeal packer system along with a hydraulic latch assembly which is to be manufactured and supplied by Deep Blue Engineering. These upgrades will make both Byford telescopic joints identical.

When asked about the performance of the RedSeal Packer System Roy Wilson, Subsea Superintendant Dolphin Drilling commented,

'The performance of the RedSeal packer installed on the Byford has surpassed expectations and significantly reduced the environmental risks normally associated with telescopic joints as well as improving our operational ability. The single RedSeal packer has now been on trial for over 12 months and proved its reliability and value. We therefore have no hesitation in committing fully to RedSeal and would like to place the order for two Dual packers allowing us to convert both Byford slipjoints. We see this step as key to achieving Dolphins environmental, operational and safety goals.'

RedSeal would like to thank Dolphin Drilling for their continued support in helping establish the RedSeal products in the field over the last 18 months.

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