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RedSeal Refill Piston

RedSeal Refill Piston


Available as a service / rental tool or as a sales item, the RedSeal Refill Piston allows for the two-part HPS RedSeal Packer compound to be mixed and injected to the RedSeal Packer System in a controlled manner.

The RedSeal Refiil Piston is a simple hydraulic cylinder assembly which facilitates the refill / replenishment of the RedSeal Packer System. The piston can be utilised whilst the RedSeal Packer System is operational or in its storage position.

The RedSeal Refill Piston allows for accurate monitoring of the HPS RedSeal volume being injected as the refill sequence is being conducted. Upon completion of the refill sequence the piston can be easily stripped and readied for subsequent use due to its simplistic design.

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